Traditional & Antique Restoration | Refinish & Restore Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire
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Traditional & Antique Restoration


From a watermarked antique table to the removal of heat and ink marks and replacing missing veneer. Sympathetic restoration and smartening up a tired but much loved piece. Whether it is scratched & damaged surface repair or more comprehensive restoration which is required. Traditional finishes including:

Traditionally used on antique pieces, French polish can give a soft glow to a high gloss finish. It is ideal for protecting the patination of an antique finish and looks especially fine on woods such as mahoghany and walnut. Whilst french polishing does not provide the most durable of finishes it does have the advantage of being fairly easy to repair, unlike some varnishes.

An oil finish is heat and water resistant making it a durable finish which can be suited to multiple situations, from garden furniture, kitchen worktops and even children’s toys! Modern oils can come in a range of sheens and tones. A properly applied oil finish will provide a lovely soft glow and enhance the grain of the wood.

A traditional finish for antique furniture that can help give french polished surfaces a bit of extra protection and gives a lovely subtle sheen. Waxes come in a wide range of colours and tints from clear to antique brown to liming wax which is a white wax paste and used for decorative effects. Wax polishes are especially well suited to oak and pine.

Latest traditional & antique restoration projects


Traditional furniture restoration, modern finishing and antique repairs with over 15 years experience from my workshop in Ross on Wye, Herefordshire.

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Call: 07789 996 210
Facebook: /Refinish-and-Restore

I look forward to discussing any enquiries with you. Please could you send me an email with your details:

Name: Address, Postcode, Telephone no.  Please include some photos of your item, preferably one of the whole piece and then some of the damage.

I am also on WhatsApp or you can text the pictures to my phone (07789996210) if it’s easier.

I will then either reply by email or give you a call as I often prefer to discuss one to one over the phone. I look forward to hearing from you!