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About me

A little about me…

Traditional furniture restoration, modern finishing and antique repairs from my workshop in Ross on Wye, Herefordshire.

Since qualifying from a 2 yr full time course in cabinet making and finishing at Moulton college in Northampton in 2001, I’ve enjoyed a variety of roles within the furniture and restoration industry.

These have included work for local antique restorers and time at I & J L Brown of Hereford, specialising in both antiques and reproduction furniture. These jobs have provided me with invaluable experience in both traditional finishing such as French polishing, and modern finishing and spray techniques.

From choosing the appropriate cleaning method and then finish for the piece of furniture, from a light clean and a wax polish to protect and enhance an antique finish and patina, to stripping and re applying a spray lacquer to a modern piece. I am always happy to discuss your pieces and make sure we get the result you will be happy with.

I’ve been self employed for a number of years now and hugely enjoy the mix of projects I get to work on. I have an eye for detail and thrive on a job well done, both small and large. I very much look forward to your enquiries.

Refinish & Restore.

Traditional furniture restoration, modern finishing and antique repairs with over 15 years experience from my workshop in Ross on Wye, Herefordshire.

contact me

Call: 07789 996 210
Email: sarah@refinishrestore.co.uk
Facebook: /Refinish-and-Restore

I look forward to discussing any enquiries with you. Please could you send me an email with your details:

Name: Address, Postcode, Telephone no.  Please include some photos of your item, preferably one of the whole piece and then some of the damage.

I am also on WhatsApp or you can text the pictures to my phone (07789996210) if it’s easier.

I will then either reply by email or give you a call as I often prefer to discuss one to one over the phone. I look forward to hearing from you!