Furniture Repairs & Restoration | Refinish & Restore Ross-on-Wye
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Furniture Repairs & Restoration


From Surface repair & polishing to cabinet work. Refinish & Restore provide a range of traditional furniture restoration services.

As well as traditional surface restoration and modern re finishing I also undertake antique restoration and furnitre repairs, from replacing damaged veneer to fixing loose joints on a chair….

Here is a selection of the kind of services offered:

  • Removal of heat, water, burn & ring marks
  • Polishing out scratches
  • Replacing missing & loose veneer
  • Strengthening loose joints
  • Replacing missing cockbeading
  • Minor glazing replacements for cabinets
  • Replacing & fitting desktop leathers and skivers
  • Fitting replacement baize inserts for card tables

Please feel free to message me with any queries or send me a message with a picture of the piece.

Latest traditional & antique restoration projects


Traditional furniture restoration, modern finishing and antique repairs with over 15 years experience from my workshop in Ross on Wye, Herefordshire.

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Call: 07789 996 210

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